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Mazda RX-8

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Mazda RX-8

The Mazda RX-8 is one of the best coupes in 2005

Engine Engine power Fuel consumption Fuel type 0-100 (0-60) Top speed
1.3 rotary 192 hp 10.8 l/100km Petrol 7.2 s 223 km/h
1.3 rotary 240 hp 11.4 l/100km Petrol 6.5 s 240 km/h
1.3 rotary 250 hp 11.4 l/100km Petrol 6.5 s 250 km/h

Body type Coupe
Number of doors 4
Number of seats 4
Engine position Front
Driven wheels Rear
Length 4 430 mm
Width 1 780 mm
Height 1 340 mm
Wheelbase 2 700 mm
Ground clearance ?
Weight (normal) 1 330 kg
Weight (max) 1 728 kg
Boot space (min) 290 l
Boot space (max) 290 l
Fuel capacity 61 l


   The Mazda RX-8 is produced since 2003.

   The RX-8 is special for it's rotary engines. It's 1.3-liter engine uses spinning rotors rather than usual cylinders. Mazda was the first car company to develop such engines. The 1.3-liter units on the RX-8 have plenty of power, which comes mainly at the high revs, but a low-down pull is rather vague. There is a rev limiter, suggesting you to shift the gear as the rotary units might brake down if overreved. The base model develops 192 hp and it's acceleration is more than enough for a hot hatch fans. The RX-8 comes with a five- or six-speed manual gearboxes.

   The RX-8 has a typical arrangement of a sports car with the rear driven wheels and engine in front. It's low speed ride is sportily firm, but that do not makes you feel uncomfortable. On the good side there is an impressive body control going through the corners. Furthermore this car has plenty of grip to spare.

   Engine of the RX-8 emits a very distinctive exhaust note. Wind and road noises are well kept away, what makes the RX-8 good for wearing miles on the motorway.

   All models are more affordable to buy comparing with it's main rivals - the Audi TT and Nissan 350Z. Furthermore the RX-8 has a good value for value if you will consider it's equipment levels. On the downside there is a fuel consumption, as the rotary units never tend to be too economical. It's resale values is strong considering that this car hasn't got prestige image. Furthermore reliability should not be a concern as Mazda builds it's cars well.

   Inside the car a build quality is among the very best. There are some nice trim elements reminding you that it is a rotary-powered car. All controls are logically laid out.

   The Mazda RX-8 comes with electric adjustable drivers seat. Unfortunately steering adjusts for height only.

   Four adults can get themselves comfortable in this sports car. The reverse-hinged rear doors make access to the rear seats easier. Boot space is also reasonable for the car's class. In general the RX-8 is a rather practical car.

   This car comes with twin front, side and curtain airbags. Furthermore on the list there are stability and traction control systems. Despite there is no central door pillar, the door leading edges are reinforced to withstand side impacts.

   The RX-8 comes with a climate control, Bose sound system and large alloys as standard. Optional equipment includes leather upholstery, satellite navigation and some other goodies.


   Advantages: Reasonably practical car with strong engines and brilliant handling.

   Disadvantages:  Fuel consumption is rather high.

   Verdict: The Mazda RX-8 is one of the best coupes.

   Also consider: Audi TT, Nissan 350Z.


Video of the Mazda RX-8
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Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8

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