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Lotus Europa

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Lotus Europa

The Lotus Europa is powered by a mid-mounted turbocharged 2.0-liter engine

Engine Engine power Fuel consumption Fuel type 0-100 (0-60) Top speed
2.0 Turbo 197 hp ~ 10 l/100km Petrol 5.6 s 230 km/h

Body type Coupe
Number of doors 2
Number of seats 2
Engine position Middle
Driven wheels Rear
Length 3 900 mm
Width 1 714 mm
Height 1 120 mm
Wheelbase ?
Ground clearance ?
Weight (normal) 995 kg
Weight (max) 1 244 kg
Boot space (min) 154 l
Boot space (max) 154 l
Fuel capacity 43 l


   The Lotus Europa is produced since 2006. It is available as a coupe.

   This sports car is powered by a mid-mounted turbocharged 2.0-liter petrol, delivering a whooping 197 horsepower. It is worth mentioning that this engine was originally developed by Opel. Because of it's low weight the Lotus Europa has a phenomenal power-to-weight ration of 201 hp per tone. It takes only 5.6 seconds to get from 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph). Engine is mated with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

   The new Lotus Europa comes with an unassisted track-inspired steering, however it becomes incredibly agile at speed. The Europa has a phenomenal grip and only minimal body roll going through the corners.

   The sixth gear was deliberately added to reduce revs and to keep engine sound not so intrusive. Indeed it is much quieter inside the Europa comparing with the Lotus Elise, however there is still plenty of wind and road noise.

   The new Lotus Europa is just slightly more expensive than the Elise. Furthermore limited production numbers should keep this car on demand. On the good side there is a very reasonable fuel consumption. Lotus cars are well engineered, so there should be no major mechanical troubles. On the other hand similar sum of money can buy you an Audi TT of the BMW Z4. Both of them are more substantial, although not as exotic, and should keep their value better.

   The Lotus Europa has a higher roofline comparing with Elise. It makes getting in and out the car much easier. Unfortunately steering wheel has no adjustments, however the driving position is still very comfortable. Driver seats lower than in the Elise, but the all-round visibility is pretty good.

   Europa's interior is narrow, so expect banging elbows and knees with your passenger all the time. It is not the best car to wear motorway miles due to the lack of space as well. However practicality has been increased comparing with the Elise. Europa's boot is large enough to take a couple of suitcases.

   The Lotus Europa comes with only two front airbags. Anti-lock brakes are also standard, but that's it. Lotus claims that the Europa is built with extremely strong chassis with the race crash incidents in mind. No official Euro NCAP crash tests were made yet, but it is better to keep away from the accidents considering the car's weight and lack of safety equipment. Moreover the Europa lacks serious security equipment.

   The Europa has more luxury toys than any recently produced Lotus. Leather trim and air conditioning are standard, as well as the satellite navigation and a CD player.

   Production of the Lotus Europa Still continues.



   Advantages: The Lotus Europa has a punchy engine and the highest standards of handling. More practical than the Elise with more interior and luggage space.

   Disadvantages: It's looks might not suit all tastes. The Europa has a list price similar to a much more substantial German rivals.

   Verdict: A very focused sports cars, but not for everyday use.

   Also consider: Audi TT, BMW Z4.


Video of the Lotus Europa
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Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa

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Lotus Europa