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Jaguar XK

(2006 - ) 

Jaguar XK

The new Jaguar XK is refined like a grand tourer, but drives like a sports car

Engine Engine power Fuel consumption Fuel type 0-100 (0-60) Top speed
4.2 i V8 300 hp ? Petrol ? 250 km/h
4.2 i XKR 420 hp ? Petrol ? 250 km/h

Body type Coupe
Number of doors 2
Number of seats 2+2
Engine position Front
Driven wheels Rear
Length 4 791 mm
Width ?
Height 1 322 mm
Wheelbase ?
Ground clearance ?
Weight (normal) 1 595 kg
Weight (max) ?
Boot space (min) ?
Boot space (max) ?
Fuel capacity ?


   The Jaguar XK is produced since 2006. It is available as a coupe or convertible.

   There are two engines for this car. The standard 4.2-liter 300 hp engine can feel short of pull, because of it's refined work. The XKR develops 420 hp and is very quick. Both engines are coupled with a six-speed automatic gearboxes with a three shift program options.

   The new XK is rather a grand tourer, but it turns and grips like a real sports car. An optional active suspension gives superb control. It's ride around town is rather firm, but steering is well weighted. The sporty Jaguar XKR has even firmer ride.

   A powerful V8 growls nicely at low speed, but this sound disappears on the motorway. Some tyre noise is present though.

   The new Jaguar XK is an expensive car to buy. Running costs will get into your pocket even deeper. Resale value also might become an issue after a couple of years, as Jaguars tend to loose their value more than other cars. Jaguar has improved quality and reliability during the recent years, but it is still a car for a handyman.

   Interior is nicely built from fine materials. There are wood and leather trim options. You can also have an aluminum dash instead of wooden one. It is worth mentioning, that the new XK has a much modern feel inside comparing with it's predecessor.

   The front passengers have got more shoulder room than in the old XK. The driver has a good all-round visibility driving the coupe.

   The new XK is rather a two seater and the rear seats are best kept for children, as far as an adult won't manage to squeeze there. On the good side there is a reasonable sized boot, which is big even on the convertible.

   The Jaguar has a good reputation for building safe cars. The XK is not an exception. It has got all the safety equipment you might expect. Furthermore it has an innovative pedestrian safety system. The bonnet is instantly lifted by pyrotechnical charges if sensors determine that pedestrian been struck. In effect the bonnet becomes an equivalent of an airbag.

   The Jaguar XK comes with leather interior, dual-zone climate control, power seats, CD-changer and much more goodies as standard. An extensive options list includes active suspension damping. The XKR is fitted with active suspension and metal interior trim.

   Production of the Jaguar XK still continues.



   Advantages: The new Jaguar XK looks well, is refined like a grand tourer and drives like a sports car.

   Disadvantages: Loves petrol too much. Even 300 hp might fell short, coupled with an unsuccessful automatic gearbox.

   Verdict: A good car for a handyman with a deep pocket.

   Also consider: BMW 6-series, Porsche Cayman.


Video of the Jaguar XK
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Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK

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