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Lexus IS

The Lexus IS isn't a class leader, but deserves to be considered on buyers list

Engine Engine power Fuel consumption Fuel type 0-100 (0-60) Top speed
220d 177 hp ? Diesel 8.9 s 216 km/h
250 V6 208 hp 9.1 l/100km Petrol 8.1 s 231 km/h
350 V6 306 hp ? Petrol ? ?

Body type Sedan
Number of doors 4
Number of seats 5
Engine position Front
Driven wheels Rear/All
Length 4 575 mm
Width 1 800 mm
Height 1 425 mm
Wheelbase 2 730 mm
Ground clearance ?
Weight (normal) 1 585 kg
Weight (max) 2 075 kg
Boot space (min) 387 l
Boot space (max) 387 l
Fuel capacity 65 l


   The Lexus IS is produced since 2005. It is available as a sedan.

   The IS is available with three engines, however in Europe it is offered with a 2.2-liter diesel and 2.5-liter petrol, while in the North American market it comes with a 3.5-liter unit. Diesel unit is the most powerful four-cylinder engine in its class. It is gutsy and flexible. The 2.5-liter petrol pulls cleanly from low revs, but has to be worked hard to extract maximum performance.

   The new IS grips keenly and turns swiftly. It's a pity that steering doesn't give enough feedback. Ride around town and on the motorway is slightly unsettled.

   Diesel engine is not as refined as it should be. Wind noise is well suppressed, however there is excessive road noise, especially over coarse surface.

   The Lexus IS is well prices, considering it's equipment levels. It is significantly cheaper than the BMW 3-series, but it's running costs are higher. Lexus are very reliable cars and very rarely go wrong, and unscheduled servicing trips to the dealer are not likely to happen.

   Interior of the IS is superbly built from the finest materials. All controls are well laid out and easy to read.

   Steering wheel has a great range of adjustments thus improving the driving position. However tall drivers will find headroom slightly limited. Front visibility is slightly restricted by thick windscreen pillars.

   Occupants of the front seats shouldn't have any problems getting comfortable, but the rear accommodation is not great, as there isn't sufficient legroom. Even some medium-size hatches for half the price offer more space for the rear passengers. The boot is healthy size, but still not on the same league with the class leaders.

   The IS comes with eight airbags as standard, including a knee 'bags for the front occupants. There is also a great number of standard active protection systems, so safety shouldn't be a worry. Furthermore this car comes with a very tough anti-theft protection, that is a very hard nut for thieves to crack.

   Even base model of the Lexus IS puts to shame German rival. It comes with cruise control, climate control and alloy wheels as standard. Going for the SE trim will add larger alloys, electrically-powered heated leather seats. The top-of-the range trim - the SE-L comes with every imaginable electronic gadget.

   Production of the Lexus IS II still continues.


   Advantages:  Generously equipped, stylish and well built alternative to German rivals. It also has punchy performance.

   Disadvantages: Excessive road noise and noisy diesel engine. Rear accommodation is not great.

   Verdict: Isn't a class leader, but deserves to be considered on buyers list.

   Also consider: BMW 3-series, Mercedes-Benz C-class.


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Lexus IS

Lexus IS

Lexus IS

Lexus IS

Lexus IS

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