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Ford Mondeo

(2000 - 2007)  Rating

Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo is comfortable and has plenty of space inside

Engine Engine power Fuel consumption Fuel type 0-100 (0-60) Top speed
2.0 DI 90 hp 5.9 l/100km Diesel 12.8 s 180 km/h
1.8 16V 110 hp 7.7 l/100km Petrol 11.6 s 193 km/h
2.0 TDCi 115 hp 5.9 l/100km Diesel 10.8 s 195 km/h
1.8 16V 125 hp 7.8 l/100km Petrol 10.8 s 205 km/h
1.8 16V 130 hp 7.8 l/100km Petrol 10.5 s 207 km/h
2.0 TDCi 130 hp 6 l/100km Diesel 9.8 s 208 km/h
2.0 16V 145 hp 8 l/100km Petrol 9.8 s 215 km/h
2.2 TDCi 155 hp 6.1 l/100km Diesel 8.7 s 223 km/h
2.5 V6 24V 170 hp 9.8 l/100km Petrol 8.7 s 225 km/h
3.0 V6 24V 204 hp 10.3 l/100km Petrol 7.9 s 240 km/h
3.0 V6 24V ST220 226 hp 10.4 l/100km Petrol 7.6 s 250 km/h

Body type Hatchback/Sedan
Number of doors 4/5
Number of seats 5
Engine position Front
Driven wheels Front
Length 4 731 mm
Width 1 812 mm
Height 1 429 mm
Wheelbase 2 754 mm
Ground clearance 120 mm
Weight (normal) 1 374 kg
Weight (max) 1 865 kg
Boot space (min) 500 l
Boot space (max) ?
Fuel capacity 58 l


   The Ford Mondeo was produced between 2000 and 2007. It was available as a hatchback or sedan. In 2007 it was replaced with the new model.

   There are a number of engines to choose from. Unfortunately petrol engines feel out of breath at low revs. The 2.0-liter turbodiesel, develops 130 hp and delivers good all-round performance. There is also a range-topping 3.0-liter petrol for the ST220 model. In general - engines are not the strongest side of the Mondeo. Both the fuel consumption and acceleration cannot match it's rivals.

   The Mondeo sets a new standards for the chassis dynamics. It drives very nicely and is well controlled. There is plenty of grip, steering is communicative and the ride is smooth.

   Mondeo's cabin is well isolated from the road noise. However some wind noise is present, but it is not uncomfortable. More powerful diesels are noisy.

   On the good side is a cheap servicing, and the diesel engines are reasonably economical, but the car do not keeps it's value well. It is worth mentioning that it's mechanical reliability is only average in the class.

   Inside the Ford Mondeo styling is made from aluminum panels in Zetecs and from wooden in Ghias. However aluminum suites this car better. All the buttons are logically layed out. Sadly, but there is obviously not enough storage areas inside.

   Both steering wheel and the front seats can be adjusted either way, so drivers of all shapes and sizes will find themselves comfortable. There is plenty of space for all passengers. Moreover the rear seats can easily accommodate three adults of average height, leaving enough legroom and shoulder room. Unfortunately there are virtually no storage are for the rear passengers. Sedan version has a huge boot, but it's narrow opening limits practicality.

   Considering it's comfortable driver's and passenger accommodation, smooth ride and reasonable sound isolation, the Mondeo is perfect for a long range cruising.

   Front, side and curtain airbags and anti-lock brakes are standard across the range. Anti-whiplash head restraints are also fitted, furthermore pedal box collapses in a crash preventing leg-injuries. An alarm and central locking are fitted as standard.

   Every trim comes with an air-conditioning, cruise control, electric heated door mirrors, and a CD player with a good sounding stereo. However you have to go for LX trim to get front and rear electric windows and alloy wheels. The Ghia X trim adds leather. Satellite navigation is also fitted, but it is below average, compared to more modern systems in it's rivals.

   Production of the Ford Mondeo still continues, however it will be replaced by a new model in 2007.


   Advantages: Ford builds a car for the people, that is comfortable, great to drive, and has a huge amount of cabin room.

   Disadvantages: Used values do not hold up well compared to some rivals. Wind noise from central pillar.

   Verdict: Among best in the class and a great drivers car. 

   Also consider: Opel Vectra, Volkswagen Passat.


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Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo

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